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Our People

Management Team

Pat Sepe - Managing Director

Pat founded Sepe Commercial Cleaning in 2000. With over 15 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, Pat has developed a business culture built on professionalism and tailoring commercial cleaning services to a varied customer based. As Managing Director, Pat is responsible for establishing Sepe Commercial Cleaning's strategic direction and is the final decision maker at Board level.

Tunga Baniya - General Manager

Tunga’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all health, quality, safety and operational procedures are followed. Tunga also performs regular site inspections to ensure Sepe Commercial Cleaning's industry high standards are maintained to our customer’s exacting needs.

Swapnil Bhattarai - Customer Service Manager

Swapnil is responsible for establishing, maintaining and retaining a strong relationship and communications system with customers whilst ensuring that cleaning services are provided in accordance with the requirements of the contract and high customer satisfaction – with a central focus on achieving long-term customer retention.

Sandip Bartaula - Area Customer Service Manager


Ganesh Thapaliya - Office Manager / Accounts


Sylvie Sepe - Administration


Anna Sepe - New Business Manager

Also joining in 2006, Anna is responsible for promoting the Sepe Commercial Cleaning brand and procuring new business throughout South Australia.

Our Cleaning Staff

All Sepe Commercial Cleaning operators undergo a rigorous training and selection process to ensure they can provide the high standard of professionalism and service expected at all sites. Our Management Team reviews all applicants and conducts interviews with all prospective operators.

All earmarked candidates attend a Company Induction at Head Office where they are educated and trained in basic cleaning procedures. Once inducted, our Management Team ensure onsite practical based training to ensure they obtain the necessary skills and understanding to complete all tasks to Sepe Commercial Cleaning’s standards. After practical training is complete, Sepe Commercial Cleaning will carefully assign the operator based on job suitability.

All staff is provided with Sepe Commercial Cleaning’s comprehensive employee handbook, outlining work service expectations and all health, safety and quality policies and procedures. This serves as a continual source of reference for all operators.